Our aim is to drive continual improvement and innovation, supporting our customers’ operations by reducing risk and improving productivity with various & tailored-fit services.




The Technical Due Diligence Report is an in-depth analysis of a building together with the lot it is located on and three main groups of data sources are analyzed from the perspective of property and construction related risks: interviews, inspection of the building, review of documentation concerning the property.


The key areas inspected are:

• Location and access.

• Utility status.

• Cadastral & geotechnical documentation.

• Permitting & design documentation.

• Status of maintenance and repairs of internal equipment & systems.

• Frequency and documented performance of periodic checks of building & equipment.

• Floor load.

• Structural status of building (no changes made to structural elements of the building without prior analysis).

• Changes of building’s function without checking the impact of change.

• Visual evaluations of recognized defects (evaluation differs depending on age of the building).

• Issues that may impact property use & value.

• Investments necessary for maintenance and repair.

• Solutions to improve utility and functionality & increase income.

• Cost analysis and assessment for all stages of development.

• Following the TDD and the drafting of a list of defects/issues, our team monitors the performance by the Seller of the property of

  any remedying works found to be required for the proper functioning of the building and confirms their proper execution to

  the  Client/Buyer.



The Building Inspection Report provides a comprehensive analysis and essential information on the status of a property, analyzing aspects relating to all technical features: structure, installations, insulation. One of the main focuses is confirming that the property is fit for its intended use and that the required maintenance and technical verifications have been performed properly throughout the existence of the building. The report details the inspection findings and recommendations complete with time-schedule and cost for the actions required for the proper and efficient functioning of the building.



We provide clear, concise and unbiased information for development & construction projects, supervising the quality, cost and rate of completion during the construction process. Through on-site visits and the review of relevant documents, we evaluate and confirm that the project is built in accordance with all loan and construction documentation. We assess that the budget is in line with agreed percentages and that there are sufficient funds remaining to complete the project, as well as reviewing monthly payment requests to ensure that the completion percentages of works are in line with the requested funds.


Construction monitoring services include:

• Preliminary Zero Reports.

• Monthly Plans and Cost Review Reports.

• Contractor Agreement and Budget Review.

• Permit Process, Construction Document Review.

• As-Built Review, Site Inspections.

• Identifying and Tracking Action Items.



Site Inspections and Health/Safety Inspections are required by law in the course of construction, to provide adequate approval for all stages of project development.

Our site inspection and health/safety inspection services cover aspects such as compliance, quality control & assessment, site supervision and pre-completion assessments. Our services comprise reports and site meetings concerning aspects such as the rate/quality of work, progress, observed defects, record of time lost, labor on site/health & safety observations and recommendations.